Services and prices

Reception of the apartment at the builder

The help in identification of violations of the builder at renting an apartment.

Compliance of the apartment with norms GOST and Construction Norms and Regulations

Legal aid in preparation of prejudicial documents.

Within additional service, we are glad to offer the clients, the qualified help in acceptance of the apartment at the builder.

It is correct to accept the apartment, checking respect for norms GOST and Construction Norms and Regulations, verifying compliance of obligations of the builder under the contract with reality, knowledge of process of compensation or elimination of low-quality work of builders, only qualified specialists can.

How do we work?

We leave with you on acceptance of the apartment for performance of necessary measurements and examination. We fix all revealed violations and discrepancies with the contract of purchase of the real estate on the separate protocol which is put to the Act of acceptance of the apartment. Then you have the right to demand corrections of all revealed violations by the builder or payment of monetary compensation through judicial proceedings. Anyway you shouldn't correct unfair work at own expense during repair performance. And as a rule during repair invisible defects are opened. The help in identification of such defects at acceptance of the apartment will save you from possible difficulties and expenses after signing of the Act.

The cost of service of acceptance of the apartment from 120euro, the price depends on the area of the apartment and remoteness from MKAD. Legal services pay off individually.

1 STAGE: measurements and offer

At the first meeting, we tell you about features of work of the interior designer, we learn about preferences in stylistic decisions, in detail we acquaint with stages of creation of the design project, about importance of conducting architectural supervision and advantages of a complete set.

Having got acquainted and having learned all details of work of studio on the project, you make the decision on further cooperation. At positive the decision we come on an object for the analysis and implementation of the measurement plan. On the basis of photofixing and total area we will be able to prepare the individual offer.

The cost of services in creation of the design project of 20 euro for square meter.

The cost of services (SMR) of installation and construction works from 160 euro for square meter.

For exact calculation of cost of your project it is necessary to specify total area.

2 STAGE: planning solution and collages

After signing of the contract the second stage of collaboration over the design project begins. For creation of the concept in the form of collages and planning solution, we collect detailed information on your preferences, a way of life and the estimated budget for implementation of the project. On the basis of the provided information planning and stylistic solutions are carried out.

When performing planning solutions we consider all construction norms and rules and also ergonomic requirements. If there is a need for non-standard and courageous planning, then consultations with design bureau which helps to agree on the project in BTI are conducted. Preparation of necessary documents for coordination of non-standard plannings pays off individually and is paid as additional service.

After coordination of planning solution we pass to performance of collages. The collage is one of ways of visualization of the concept of an interior, consisting of a set of separate kontseptobrazuyushchy images in which the stylistic and coloristic decision is traced. In collages furniture, home decoration, lighting and textiles are picked harmoniously up. We offer several brands and producers in the necessary stylistic execution and a price segment which isn't beyond your budget.

3 STAGE: 3D visualization and drawings

On the basis of the approved collages and planning solution 3D visualization and all drawings, necessary for implementation of the project, becomes. Approaching visualization our clients already have a clear idea of future interior proceeding from collages and planning solution. 3D visualization is the photorealistic picture allowing to transfer most precisely lighting, textures, color and to see an interior in volume. In visualization all architectural elements of an interior and their comparison in proportions are shown. Usually visualization and a ready interior practically don't differ from each other.

After visualization is approved we can prepare the working draft. All heights and proportions which are reflected in visualization are transferred to drawings. We consider all necessary for successful implementation of the project by workers.

Structure of the design project:

• tonnage plan

• Dismantling and assembly plan of partitions

• Planning solutions (1-2 options)

• Explication of rooms

• The plan of floors with the indication of the used materials

• Plan of heat-insulated floors

• Project of heating

• The plan of ceilings with the indication of the used materials

• The plan of lighting with a binding to switches

• Plan of lighting fixtures and electric conclusions

• Plan of placement of sockets

• Plan of placement of conditioners and ventilation

• Development of walls

• Development of details of an interior (if necessary) and furniture

• Sheet of accessories and finishing materials.

After the design project presentation in the unpacked look, we provide one copy to the client, we give the second to workers on an object and we retain the third. It will allow to resolve urgent issues at remote distance. Or to leave with the project for purchase of materials and furniture.

4 STAGE:Author's maintenance

Architectural supervision an important stage at implementation of the design project. Even with the most ideal and detailed package of drawings, on building arises many questions demanding prompt response or adoption of the correct decision.

During repair or construction we leave on an object for control of compliance with the idea of the project. The main task of the designer and author of the project, most precisely to recreate an interior. For fixing of all process of repair or construction on an object the magazine of architectural supervision is kept. In the magazine each departure of the designer and the description of process of work of the contractor with the revealed and coordinated adjustments is fixed. A lot of things depend on the contractor therefore we recommend only the checked builders. Our studio works with two big qualified and licensed construction companies. The most important factor of reliability and quality is time. For long existence of our partners in the market, the wealth of experience acting as the guarantor of high-quality work of any complexity is accumulated.

The cost of architectural supervision 535 euro / month (the contract is signed at will or is a part of the contract for implementation of the design project) (no more than 5 departures on an object in a month)

Single consulting departure of the designer on an object or to the showroom 110 euro (no more than 8 hours).

5 STAGE: Service of a complete set

The service of a complete set is first of all economy of means of the client and reliability of the made purchase. The complete set is very large volume of work which our studio carries out and the main objectives it:

1. Monitoring of the market before the made purchase. When performing of this service we provide several versions of offers from different suppliers with the prices and level of reliability.

2. Scheduling of purchases and schedule of implementation of orders. It is necessary to watch that that all finishing materials and home decoration have been ordered in time, for avoidance of idle time of workers and tightening of terms of commissioning of the object.

3. In time we receive from suppliers of the invoice for payment and we provide to the client on payment. We reserve the necessary goods until payment and we will organize delivery to an object.

4. After delivery of goods we take part in acceptance. The designer verifies articles and completeness of purchase. Checks goods for marriage existence, compliance of color or possible разнотон (for example in a tile). At identification of marriage we help to make the claim correctly.

5. Services of a complete set include search of similar goods. It happens so that during implementation of the design project, the necessary goods are laid off. Our task to pick up similar option of finishing material or a subject of an interior in the same price segment or is more favorable.

6. An important point is consultation of producers of furniture on all necessary questions. Selection of an interline interval or color of paint, functional and technical moments, choice of texture of fabric and many other things. As a rule producers of furniture and other custom positions are afraid to take the responsibility for difficult technical or esthetic features of a product and simplify production of many significant elements.

Our studio has a big base of permanent and reliable partners. For our clients special favorable conditions work. We are also dealers of some large European producers that allows us to do a discount to 40% of retail. Therefore the service of a complete set is rendered always more favourably for our clients, and still this tranquility and receiving pleasure from shopping.

The cost of services of a complete set 535 euro / month (the contract is signed at will)